It is human nature to seek order in what we see, to identify patterns, and reorder shapes into arrangements that can be identified, digested, and categorized appropriately. For most, abstraction disrupts these visual systems, pulling them apart and reconstructing the observed world in unexpected ways. For Scott André Campbell, it's quite the opposite. Geometric abstraction is the architectural framework through which he decisively creates order from chaos.

Ardently taking ownership of all individual visual marks, Campbell digitally creates original graphic components that he integrates into collaged surfaces through a series of physical actions, including printing, silkscreening, and stenciling. Hand-drawn graphite structures build a scaffolding for vibrating layers of color, line, and form, challenging the two-dimensional reality of his chosen mediums.

While Campbell's work over the last two years focused on mapping the boundaries of these multi-dimensional matrixes, his newest body of work tests their implied spatial limitations and explores what it means to move within environments where contextual cues are sparse. Lines are free to communicate more than horizons; numbers and characters can relay meaning beyond the legible. A complex exploration of simple terms, DISTRIBUTION opens September 5th at Soapbox Arts.

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by Scott André Campbell